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THIS Saturday come join me & fellow fab local comics creators n’ grab a drink at The Wind-Up Space!

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And now a word from the Producer and Editor and Chief of the previous 4 issues of Washington DC’s own comic book anthology newspaper - Magic Bullet, CAROLYN BELEFSKI

(reposted from the Magic Bullet Blog)
Howdy! I am delighted to present to you Nick Galifianakis's cover for Magic Bullet #9. Magic Bullet is Washington, D.C.’s free comics newspaper anthology.

This issue is Western themed and has been sent to print with a run of 5,000. It will be premiering hot-off-the-press exclusively this Sunday, July 20, 2014 at SuperNoVa Comicon from 10 AM to 3PM in the Leesburg Firehouse (215 Loudoun Street, SW, Leesburg, VA  20175). After this premiere day, we will begin to distribute the newspaper around town at local restaurants, theaters, books stores, tattoo parlors, saloons, and other hip joints.

Here are the contributors who made the cut for print publication in Magic Bullet #9:

Kevin Rechin
, Steve Conley, Autumn Haynes, John Kinhart, Paul Zdepski, Bizhan Khodabandeh, S.G. Artley, Michael Cowgill, Santiago Casares, Ian Sampson, Anthony Sims, Christopher Holden, T.R. Logan, Jared Cullum, Joe Sutliff, JTW, John Shine, Mike Brace, Jason E. Axtell, Laura Lee Gulledge, Andrew Cohen, William Brown, Matt Dembicki, Art Hondros, Adam McGovern, Paolo Leandri, Mouna Touré, Troy-Jeffrey Allen, Matt Rawson, Cassie Graus, Joshua Daniel, Mark Lindblom, Terry Flippo, Eric Gordon, R.M. Rhodes, Evan Keeling, Frank Krow, Rafer Roberts, Dennis Johnson, Ken R. Amato, Dre Grigoropol, Brad Knight, Chris Elliott, John N. Dorsey IV, Jonathon Poliszuk, Jeremy Wetzel, Greg Boyd, Ben Claassen III, John Watkins-Chow, Joe Carabeo, Carolyn Belefski

Thank you to all who submitted and we urge you to submit your comics to be considered in future editions. Magic Bullet contributors will be distributing the newspaper for free at many of their convention appearances in 2014. Everyone is encouraged to take part in the distribution of the newspaper so it reaches far and wide. The newspaper will be available at Baltimore Comic-Con (September 5-7), Small Press Expo (September 13-14), and at New York Comic Con (October 9-12) at Small Press Booth #1162.

Stay ‘tooned for more information about where to find Magic Bullet #9… the hunt begins this Sunday.

Your Pal,

Carolyn Belefski (

I’m excited! I think this is the best Magic Bullet yet! And I’m not just saying that.
- Joe Carabeo

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The new issue of MAGIC BULLET is now available! The issue will premiere this Sunday, July 20 at SuperNoVa Comicon in Leesburg from 10AM to 3PM at Leesburg Firehouse (215 Loudoun Street, SW). We hope to see you there.

If you’d like to help distribute the papers, we are having a DC Conspiracy meetup on Sunday, July 20th at 5:30 pm at Buffalo Billiards. Come on out, grab a drink with everyone, and grab some papers. (Even if you’re not taking any papers, you should still come hang out.)

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Exhibit Opening is tomorrow night!

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
545 7th Street, SE, Washington, District of Columbia 20003

Join Members of the DC Conspiracy for the opening of our interactive retrospective exhibit. Featuring original art and prints as well as chalkboard murals where you can create your own temporary comics.

The exhibit will be up from July 12th to August 16th and features art and writing by:

DC Conspiracy: A Retrospective explores the nature of collaboration and creativity within a local collective of comic creators. Their work runs the gamut - from witty and literary works - to action, the mystical, and just
plain nonsense.

Founded in 2005 the DC Conspiracy is approaching their tenth anniversary. This exhibit looks back at some of their earliest collaborative work, and features original comic art and digital prints.
•DrDremo - DC Conspiracy’s first group project - an exquisite corpse comic jam.
•DrDremo’sTaphouse of Tall Tales and Short Stories - a series of themed anthologies.
•Selections of promotional material and webcomics that were displayed on the original DC Conspiracy website.
For more information about the DC Conspiracy:

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Wash the ‘Skins of Washington

Wash the ‘Skins of Washington

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Detective Weiner is on the case.

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Altar Girl - Book 1 Kickstarter



Day 1 and we’re just over 1/4th of the way there!! Lots more to go, so please keep sharing and spreading the word all this month!! The closer we get to being fully funded, the sooner we will hear some stretch goal announcements!!

[ Click here to Read Altar Girl from the Beginning! ]
[ Altar Girl on RSS | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest ]

So what did you guys think of the Kickstarter video?? Are you impressed with my totally embarrassing voice acting skillz and home-made sound effects??

Big thanks to my cute narrator and (extra voices) Ned!! You can watch the video here:

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COMIC STRIPPERS #1 Chi Phi Nu: Campus Cartoonist Coaltion. By Malcom Jones, and others. 2000.

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Was I really supposed to show you these swank SPX 2014 banners from Chuck Forsman the amazing gang at snakeoily?  

Probably not because if you look closely they spill some secrets.  

But hey, we’re all family here so DEAL WITH IT.


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It has reached the point where I need to move my inventory of PLASTIC FARM books out of my house and into storage. One of the largest portions  of that inventory is PLASTIC FARM #1-12. In order to reduce the amount I’ll need to put into storage, I’m putting those single issues online for what I’ve been selling them for at conventions.



I’ve also got some reasonably priced original artwork in the store as well, and once you finish reading 1-12 you’re gonna want to continue by reading PLASTIC FARM: FERTILIZER and PLASTIC FARM: SEASONS OF GROWTH IN THE FIELDS OF DESPAIR.