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Posted 2 years ago

3AM EST: The Little Particle That Could should be free


I can’t be sure, I’m sleeping and this post is queued. But the promotion is supposed to start at midnight Pacific Time and here we are…

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Posted 2 years ago


Now available on for the low, low price of free is my new story, The Girl Who Could Live In Yesterday, a short sci-fi tale for children about the immutable past. The book will only be free until July 14th, 2012 (the maximum amount of days I’m allowed to offer it for free on Amazon) so grab it now! After that it goes up to the bank-breaking price of ninety-nine cents! It will always be free in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, however, and the story is also DRM free so lend it to whoever you want. 

“But I don’t have a Kindle!” you’re saying? Well, you can read Kindle books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Droid phone or tablet, Blackberry, Windows PC, Mac, or even in your web browser. Amazon has an app for almost any device at this link.

“But this is a kids book!” you’re saying? Well, my main goal in writing these books is to entertain kids and crush the souls pull on the heartstrings of adults. They’re quick, all-ages reads.

“But I don’t know if I’d like the book!” you’re saying? Well here’s an excerpt:

Ten years later, Macy wakes up for the three-thousandth, six-hundredth, and fifty-fifth time. She hugs Everett with her long arms and her mom once again wishes her a happy sixth birthday. Macy stays home from school and shuts her windows and locks her door and refuses to go to the bathroom (so Everett can’t sneak out) and refuses to eat (so Everett won’t get excited) and keeps Everett on a leash all day and keeps him away from her birthday cake and goes on a walk with her dad and locks all of the doors in the house and does everything else she possible can in order to stop Everett from running away for the three-thousandth, six-hundredth, and fifty-sixth time. But this time her grandmother comes by for a surprise visit, and when the door opens Everett runs outside again.

“Tomorrow I’ll call grandma early so she doesn’t have to come by,” Macy says to herself.

“Nothing in life is free!” you say? Well, this story is…until Saturday. I just want people to read it. Adults, kids, adults to kids, whatever. All I’m asking for in return is that you share it with folks and/or review it on your website or Amazon if you like it….

This is the first in what will hopefully become a series of sci-fi stories for children. Think of them as Twilight Zone episodes for early readers. I got twelve books on the schedule, including:

  • The Little Particle That Could illustrated by Noel Tuazon, a fairy tale about quantum physics. Check out the rough sketch of a graviton stuck in a black hole:
  • The Know-It-All, the story about a kid who knows everything in a world where knowledge and memory is outsourced to computers.  
  •  The Dizzying Dreams of Dilly Diaz, the story about a girl who travels through time when she sleeps.
  • And more!

Some illustrated. Some a bit on the long side. All of them free for the first five days, 99-cents afterwards.