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Posted 2 years ago

The Girl Who Could Live In Yesterday - Only Two More Days of Free


Saturday will be the last day you can download The Girl Who Could Live In Yesterday for free on Amazon. After that it goes up to ninety-nine cents. Please consider downloading it and giving it read. If you already downloaded it, please consider giving it a review or posting up a link or lending it it a friend. 

When Macy’s dog Everett runs away, Macy is faced with two choices: look for him tomorrow, or try one more time to get today right. And one more time. And one more time. The Girl Who Could Live In Yesterday is a sci-fi fairy tale about not being able to change the past, no matter how many times you try.

Sci-fi stories for children, folks - get it!

And that is all, for real. It’s been a fun week - lots of exciting things - with more to come. Next month will bring a new story so stay tuned. Have a good weekend.